The Rightful Pivot – Enablers

Post-Punk/Post-Rock band Enablers offer up their latest studio album effort ‘The Rightful Pivot’. The new album sees the interesting band offering up an exciting and vibrant album effort, one that indulges itself in dark and brooding instrumentals set to unusual yet incredibly engrossing vocal performances. Enabler’s own style of rock genres strays into areas where different ideas and concepts all join together to create something rather difficult to classify, though the core elements of certain genres and techniques remain at the center of each track, driving forward something incredibly unusual, though phenomenal and interesting at the same time.

For their latest album effort, Enablers seem to offer up a very dark and foreboding album experience. Everything seems to occupy dark areas of music, using low-end bass notes and driving drums to push everything along. There’s a wonderful pacing to the album itself, which utilizes the spoken word vocals of the band’s lead performer to absolute perfection. Everything feels incredibly tight and well thought-out, with great care and consideration going into how everything will compliment each other in an album setting. It’s a very strong effort, and one that really showcases a great amount of talent from this band.

Whilst many of the experimental notions of the album work incredibly well and to great effect on ‘The Rightful Pivot’, it seems a few songs don’t match up to the same level that the rest of the album presents. At times, it feels as though Enablers start repeating their own techniques and notions a little too much, not really doing enough to add enough diversity into the individual songs, and thus adding a repetitive quality to the album itself. It’s luckily not enough to really bring down the overall impact of the album, though it does result in a few songs being largely forgettable, and not really standing out as much as some of the other tracks on the album.

Though there’s arguably a few weak moments on ‘The Rightful Pivot’, it seems Enablers have managed to push out a very engrossing and enjoyable album effort. Enablers have a very interesting sound that they push out as a band, sounding somewhat like what one would get if they combined the early years of Swans with the fictional band The Soronprfbs from the movie Frank. It’s a rather unusual sound, though it is one that is oddly enough easily accessible, and one that also offers up quite a lot to the listeners. Enablers might not be conventional in their approach to the music, but their execution of their own ideas is certainly strong.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Went Right
  • Look
  • Good Shit
  • Enopolis

Enabler’s latest album ‘The Rightful Pivot’ is out now.

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