Born Under Saturn – Django Django

Alt-rockers Django Django offer their follow-up to the incredibly engrossing 2012 debut self-titled album, with their sophomore album release of ‘Born Under Saturn’. The new album sees the band expanding their musical palette somewhat, turning down the dials to offer a more subtle yet still interesting album experience. There’s certainly many points of interest on ‘Born Under Saturn’, which sees the band giving some care and consideration into their output, and making attempts to release an album effort that isn’t a rehashing of their original album. Whilst elements of the album work nicely to some degree, it does seem certain points bring down the overall impact, resulting in a somewhat lackluster album experience.

Django Django latest album effort certainly expands somewhat on the original album’s elements, showing the band evolving their sound without sacrificing too many elements. ‘Born Under Saturn’ demonstrates great production value, where the band have put a lot of consideration into the final result of the album itself. Strong psychedelic themes run throughout the album, both musically and lyrically, cementing together the core of what makes Django Django so fun and exciting to listen too. Certain elements, notably Vincent Neff’s vocal performances, even feel stronger than that of the bands’ debut effort, making ‘Born Under Saturn’ an enjoyable album experience that certainly offers enough of itself to make it an interesting album experience.

There’s certainly some deserved admiration for Django Django on their latest album effort, which certainly works for not being a simple repeat of the bands’ earlier successes. Whilst this is highly admirable though, it seems the band have lost a few of their incredibly enjoyable and engrossing elements that made their debut album so wonderful. ‘Born Under Saturn’ feels mostly lackluster, meandering around quieter riffs and elements without ever reaching the dizzying psychedelic heights that one might have expected from the band. It’s a fun album in its own right, but arguably less enjoyable and intense for listeners.

‘Born Under Saturn’ is certainly a fun album in some ways, though it doesn’t seem to demonstrate the absolute best qualities of Django Django as a band. The production of the album is certainly a point of merit, with the band offering some nice ideas in terms of their song-writing output, but nothing ever seems to really hit home at any point. It’s almost as though Django Django have decided to hold everything back for their sophomore album effort, and in doing so have actually fallen back on themselves more than they need to do so. Whilst ‘Born Under Saturn’ is not a album that should be dismissed, it might be disappointing to those expecting the same level of intensity as offered on their debut effort.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Shake & Tremble
  • Pause Repeat
  • High Moon
  • Life We Know

Django Django’s latest album ‘Born Under Saturn’ is out now.

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