Wilder Mind – Mumford & Sons

British folk-rock band Mumford & Sons strip away their folk-roots in favour of more alternative rock orientated music on their latest studio album release of ‘Wilder Mind’. The new album from the band at the very least demonstrates an attempt to offer up something different from the bands’ previous output, with the result regretfully being a rather basic and simplistic album effort that oddly enough suggests nothing new or interesting from the band. ‘Wilder Mind’ has some admirable notions to itself, though it seems to be a poor attempt on Mumford & Sons’ part to expand their sound, with the result being a bland and uninteresting album experience.

Mumford & Sons certainly have strong elements in their music, evident in their popularity in the music scene. On ‘Wilder Mind’, there’s certainly much of Mumford & Sons’ upbeat and faced paced music, mostly discussing themes of love, loss and everything else one would expect from the band. A few of the tracks on the album do suggest some moves being taken in the right direction, with the tracks themselves being largely pleasing musical numbers that feature most of Mumford & Sons’ better qualities, whilst stripping away some of the more dull moments that have so often occurred.

Whilst Mumford & Sons’ seem to be straying away from the sound established on their first two albums, it seems the result of experimentation has resulted in absolutely nothing new or interesting. Mumford & Sons’ seem to have opted for a more alternative-rock orientated sound on their latest record, though have failed to draw out anything interesting or worthwhile from the genre, instead going for the easiest option both musically and lyrically. Oddly enough, even with this different sound, ‘Wilder Mind’ itself doesn’t really differ much from its predecessors, with the tracks on the album being formatted and presented in the exact same dynamic order as Mumford & Sons’ have previously done.

It seems Mumford & Sons have lost their way on their latest record, pushing out a rather uninspiring and weak album experience. Nothing on the record ever seems to jump out and grab the listener, instead it all seems to just fall back onto cliche after cliche. There doesn’t even seem to be all that much experimentation either, raising the question of why bother changing one’s sound if nothing new or interesting will come of it. Perhaps by this point Mumford & Sons’ don’t even care anymore, as they seem to have gotten to the point where they’re popular enough to release anything and make the money anyway.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Monster
  • Hot Gates

Mumford & Sons’ latest album ‘Wilder Mind’ is out now.

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