Straitjacket – Rangleklods

Danish electronic duo Esben Nørskov Andersen & Pernille Smith-Sivertsen offer up their latest album experience under the title of Rangleklods, titled ‘Straitjaket’. The new album from his duo offers up an interesting electronic music experience, where electronica intertwines itself with way with pop-music, club-music and even occasional hints of trip-hop. Much of the music feels rather grand for the most part, with Rangleklods pushing forward much of what they can offer to the best of their abilities. Whilst there’s some incredibly enjoyable tracks featured on the album, it seems much of the album effort itself really struggles to get itself off the ground.

Rangleklods certainly feel like they have a lot to offer, and seem to do everything in their power to present the best of their abilities on their debut album effort. ‘Straitjacket’ sees the duo presenting a varied selection of electronica styles, most of which come together cohesively into a single album vision, without sounding disruptive or messy. The main highlights of the album though seem to be when Rangleklods stray into the territories of trip-hop, where we see the duo indulging in cool and slow grooves, accompanied by dreamy vocal styles.

‘Straitjacket’ is certainly enjoyable on some levels, though it seems much of Rangkeklod’s efforts are wasted. The duo just don’t seem to do enough to make their debut album interesting enough, instead relying on the genre itself to carry the music instead of their own abilities, Certain sections of the album suggest some strong ideas, though on the album itself it seems limited to only a few tracks instead of dominating the album with these strong motifs and moments. It seems Rangkeklods haven’t really fully envisioned their debut album, and instead have filled it up with as much as they can, without really thinking about it all.

There’s some enjoyable moments on ‘Straitjacket’, though not enough to really make the whole album experience worth bothering with. There just doesn’t seem to be enough substance in the album itself, making it an album that drags on instead of being enjoyable and fun. The moments where the duo demonstrate good ideas and talent work very nicely, and it raises the question of why haven’t the duo pushed forward these elements to the best of their abilities, instead of doing what comes across as a bare minimum within the genre.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Forgive
  • Dry Me Out

Rangleklods’ debut album ‘Straitjacket’ is out now.

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