Helios | Erebus – God Is An Astronaut

Irish post-rockers follow on from their previous studio album ‘Origins’ with the release of their heavier and somewhat more ambitious album of ‘Helios | Erebus’. The new album sees the band continuing their own vein of post-rock music, featuring their distinct sounding guitar melodies accompanied by an array of varying instrumental styles and techniques, giving their sound one that stands out a little bit more in the genre than most do. For the most part, ‘Helios | Erebus’ is a rather strong album from the band, and one that certainly stands out nicely amongst their discography.

‘Helios | Erebus’ has the makings of a strong post-rock album within its inner-workings. Many of the tracks offer a somewhat aggressive and almost threatening style of music, utilizing elements of math-rock from time to time, though hardly restricting itself to this specific genre. There are of course some very distinct moments of beauty and solace amongst the almost chaotic mix. God Is An Astronaut manage to show restraint from time to time, not allowing every single track to indulge itself into wild-ish heavy moments. All in all it’s a rather strong effort that comes across as a very strong album from the band, and one that is not so difficult to access, both for fans of the band and fans of the genre.

Whilst the new album from God Is An Astronaut sports many strengths, with a few tracks coming across as some of their best material thus far, it does seem that at a few points the album lacks in strength, and instead becomes a little bit dull and repetitive. A few tracks on the album seem to sound a little too similar to the rest of the album, not really showing anything new from the band, but instead showing a reliance on their old methods and techniques. Whilst far from their weakest material, it does give the album its negative traits, sounding disappointing amongst a rather strong album.

Though not every track lives up to the level the album itself presents, there’s still a strong standard of material being presented by God Is An Astronaut, who are continuing to maintain a reputation as being one of the strongest bands working today in the post-rock genre. There’s many strong qualities to the bands music, and much of ‘Helios | Erebus’ continues that standard, whilst on a few occasions showing a little bit more to be offered from the band. It’s arguable that the bands’ new album might not be their absolute best album thus far, though it is amongst the strongest.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Pig Powder
  • Vetus Memoria
  • Helios Erebus
  • Centralia

God Is An Astronaut’s latest album ‘Helios | Erebus’ is out now.

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