No Place In Heaven – Mika

British singer-songwriter Mika offers up his fourth studio album ‘No Place In Heaven’, following on from his mature yet enjoyable 2012 album release of ‘The Origin of Love’. Mika’s latest album sees the singer-songwriter falling back to the playful and quirky sounds of his debut album, whilst adding in the more serious and mature elements from his previous studio album, resulting in an album that bridges all the gaps between his work. There’s a few enjoyable tracks featured on this fourth album by Mika, though for the most part, ‘No Place In Heaven’ feels largely disappointing, sounding like an effort that fails to capture any real spark.

‘No Place In Heaven’ is certainly an interesting album from Mika. There’s a lovely combination of styles and techniques being used on this latest album, blending together quirkiness with seriousness. It seems like an effort on Mika’s part to push out everything he has learnt over the past few years, from his own strengths to a few daring moves of not knowing how something will turn out. There’s even some very personal tracks on the album, where Mika really puts himself out there as a person. For the most part, many of Mika’s efforts on ‘No Place In Heaven’ are rather admirable, with there being a rather conscious effort to produce something interesting.

Although there’s some strengths present on ‘No Place In Heaven’, it does feel that most of this album effort sadly falls flat, with most of the ideas failing to really take off and arguably showing Mika at his weakest. Most of the tracks just fail to inspire, and offer the same level of childish glee that the singer’s debut album offered, or even the interesting and charming level of maturity as his previous album. Many of the tracks on the album feel mostly forgettable, failing to offer any kind of infectious vocal hook or interesting and delightful lyric, with everything instead sounding like the bare minimum Mika can and has offered.

 There is the odd enjoyable song here and there, but sadly Mika’s ‘No Place In Heaven’ is a rather large let down, coming across as an album that fails to capture much joy, glee or really any emotions, except for disappointment. When the songs on the album work, it shows some very enjoyable elements and techniques, though it fails to run throughout the album. Though the personal elements on the album are certainly admirable, it fails to really bring enough to the album itself, leaving ‘No Place In Heaven’ as a very weak and disappointing effort.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Talk About You
  • No Place in Heaven

Mika’s fourth studio album ‘No Place in Heaven’ is out now. 

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