Stolen Flowers Of The Dead – Stolen Flowers Of The Dead EP

This little experimental EP release titled ‘Stolen Flowers Of The Dead’ offers up a slightly more experimental ambient experience. At 9 minutes, the release is incredibly short though it offers insight into some of the creative visions being presented by the creator. Ambient swirls and drones are accompanied by snippets of varying other instruments, many of which have been manipulated and re-designed through editing, resulting in an interesting and rather intimate release. In just shy of ten minutes, Stolen Flowers of the Dead presents a great amount of creativity, showcasing some wonderful ideas without ever over-doing anything.

‘Stolen Flowers Of The Dead’ offers up the groundwork for an interesting ambient project. Various instruments and techniques have all been utilized in the creation of something personal to the artist. Although a little rough around the edges, there’s something that draws the listener in on this EP release, inviting them into a somewhat darker yet somehow still comforting world. Though certain elements in terms of the production of this EP somewhat falter from time to time, suggesting that the EP could benefit from more care and attention to certain post-production elements, though the EP demonstrates some very nice ideas that would be interesting to see developed in the future.

It’s unsure of whether or not the Stolen Flowers of the Dead project ends here with the release of its first EP, or whether it may continue in the future, though one certainly hopes so after hearing this debut release. Although imperfect, there’s some wonderful notions being presented here, and the personal nature of the music itself gives it an element of real sincerity that’s somewhat hard to find these days. Yes, it is incredibly short, though it serves as a perfect introduction to something very interesting.

 Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Vandalising Abandoned Chalet, 2006
  • Loneliness Contextualised By Schufftan Process
  • Cemetery Shortcut

Stolen Flowers Of The Dead’s debut EP ‘Stolen Flowers Of The Dead EP’ is out now and is available from:  Stolen Flowers of the Dead

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