Panic Stations – Motion City Soundtrack

Punk-rockers Motion City Soundtrack follow on from their 2012 album release of ‘Go’ with their sixth studio album ‘Panic Stations’. The new album sees the manic rockers returning to their roots somewhat, offering up charming and whimsical slabs of punk rock, placing Justin Pierre’s brilliant lyrics against a backdrop of raucous and noisy rock. There’s something incredibly lovable and delightful with ‘Panic Stations’, which certainly comes across as one of the strongest albums Motion City Soundtrack have pushed out so far in their career, with the band almost falling back on their whimsical, charming and noisy background, combined with the maturity they’ve acquired in their recent years.

‘Panic Stations’ offers up much of what one would expect from Motion City Soundtrack. Noisy power chords accompanied by odd Moog melodies and thundering bass-lines build up the vast majority of the songs, setting the scene for a noisy punk-rock record. What works here though is how the band structures everything, from the choice of instrumentals to the lyrics. Everything feels incredibly fun and light-hearted, with nothing taking itself too seriously, whilst still touching on some personal level here and there. ‘Panic Stations’ seems to feature many of the elements that makes a great Motion City Soundtrack album, with it featuring a wonderful blend of old and new.

There’s many wonderful elements to ‘Panic Stations’, though it does lack quality on certain occasions. Most notably in the album’s second half, we hear a little dip in quality, as Motion City Soundtrack present songs that sadly lack the same level of energy that the album’s first half offered. This doesn’t bring down the overall quality of the album too much though, as there’s still some great tracks being presented by the band, though it is difficult to place this album well above the position of the band’s absolute best work. Certain tracks on the album feel a little bit like filler material, rather than a fantastic song that deserves its place on the album.

Even though a few tracks on the album may come across as a little less memorable than others, it does seem that Motion City Soundtrack have pushed out an absolutely wonderful album effort with ‘Panic Stations’. There’s just a wonderful standard being offered by the band, which is evident in the few songs that have you singing out the lyrics every single time. It’s the kind of album one would expect from the band, without it being too cliched or too similar to their old work, and one that features some of the bands’ best songs thus far in their current repertoire.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • TKO
  • I Can Feel You
  • It’s A Pleasure To Meet You
  • Days Will Run Away

Motion City Soundtrack’s sixth studio album ‘Panic Stations’ is out now.

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