Mika Like @ Adelphi (18/10/15)

mika live

After a long stint spent abroad, hosting French variations of The X Factor and The Voice, Lebanese-born British singer and performer Mika returns to the UK for a few dates. His concert at the Adelphi saw many of his British fans flock to the theater, as well as a few from overseas. The tour saw Mika and his new backing band supporting the release of his fourth studio album ‘No Place In Heaven’, with the tour offering live renditions of the albums tracks, with the customary hit singles from his previous works thrown in for good measure. Whilst a mostly fun and upbeat affair, it seems the entire gig pales in comparison to Mika’s earlier tours and concerts.

Something about Mika’s concert at the Adelphi just didn’t seem to work. The crowd definitely enjoyed everything, except the starter band who seemed to bore people to the extent where they felt they needed to talk loudly about the most inane of topics. Even starter bands deserve respect for coming out and playing, even if they were arguably not that good. It’s a simple common courtesy to both the band and everyone else in the audience who payed the same price as you. Anyway, getting back on topic, Mika himself certainly did his best to put on an enjoyable show. It’s hard not to get pulled into the lovely and charming world Mika presents with his songs. It’s when something didn’t work did this vision get pulled away.

There were many elements to this concert which didn’t seem to work well. For starters, the backing band seemed a little thin, failing to add enough to the songs and leaving them mostly dry and empty-sounding. The venue itself, a theater known mostly for its current production of Kinky Boots, was simply a poor choice of venue for the type of crowd Mika draws in. When being presented with pop songs, one simply wants to dance around. The Adelphi’s tight sardine-like seating arrangement on every floor meant everyone was simply sat, facing Mika as he performed. On the occasions where everyone got up to dance, there was simply no room to move around. Then there was Mika himself, whose voice seems to be failing him. It seems he’s simply unable to sing the way he once did, and must instead resort to slightly more lackluster renditions of a few of his more well known track.

It’s wrong to say Mika failed at his concert though, as the entire crowd applauded and cheered at any given moment, as well as joining in with a few of Mika’s little gimmicks here and there. It just doesn’t feel like Mika is at the same position as he once was. Any time a track from his recent album ‘No Place In Heaven’ was performed, it reminded a few of us that his new material simply doesn’t work on the same level as his earlier material. There were highlights, but so much of the concert just came across as disappointing, with Mika himself coming across as a sad almost faded version of his former self. Maybe he doesn’t have it in himself anymore, maybe he does. We’ll see in time I guess.


  • Relax (Take It Easy)
  • Talk About You
  • Underwater
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