The Polyphonic Spree Live @ The Electric Ballroom (03/09/15)


To mark their 15th anniversary, Texan-based symphonic rock band The Polyphonic Spree embark on their tour, offering a live rendition of their first studio album ‘The Beginning Stages…’ played in its entirety. The Polyphonic Spree’s concert at The Electric Ballroom offered an incredible concert experience, one that fans of the band will find to be completely unforgettable. From the playing of ‘The Beginning Stages…’ non-stop in full, to the cosmic second-half of the show, Polyphonic Spree put on one of their best performances, one that connected with every fan of the band on such a personal level that it reminds us why people set out to make music in the first place.

Polyphonic Spree’s performance at The Electric Ballroom saw the band offering up something truly magical. The first half of the concert saw a non-stop playing of the bands’ debut album, which (explained by Tim DeLaughter between songs) was recorded in 48 hours and intended as a demo album). During this half, the audience knew what to expect after each and every song, and slowly anticipation of the album’s favourite tracks built up until the energy in the room was at an incredible level. The performance itself was flawless, with each track sounding as fun, beautiful or even as peculiar as it does on the original recording. Even the album’s more arguably weaker moments added an incredible layer in the live setting. Beautiful moments included the rarely played ‘Days Like This Keep Me Warm’, where the instrumental elements beautiful soared through the air, whilst exciting and energetic moments included the roaring and raucous ‘Light & Day’.

Then came the concert’s second half, which saw Polyphonic Spree not only playing popular songs from their repertoire, but also indulging in some incredible instrumental performances, where each and every performer on stage had their moment to flourish. It was impossible to tell what was going to happen, or what was even going on from time to time, but the sheer showmanship and energy from everyone made it one of the most exciting performances to witness. The concert itself seemed to have around 10 different endings, with each suggested ending giving such a sense of excitement to the audience, before building it all up again with another cosmic musical blowout. It was incredibly easy to see just how much each member of the band enjoys music for the music itself, giving the concert such a genuine and warm sensibility that lacks in so many other bands these days.

The Electric Ballroom performance is easily one of the most unforgettable musical experiences witness, one that still leaves this reviewer stunned in amazement at the sheer energy, magic and wonder given off by the band. In what sometimes feels like such a cynical and dark world, it’s truly wonderful to witness a really passionate and human performance, where music is being played to simply celebrate its own self. Something really connected between the band and the audience that night, as hinted by Tim DeLaughter after the show itself as he reminisced with another audience member about previous performances. As a fan, I will definitely never forget this performance, and we certainly hope The Polphonic Spree won’t either.


1: Have A Day /Celebratory

2: It’s The Sun

3: Days Like This Keep Me Warm

4: La La

5: Middle of the Day

6: Hanging Around the Day Part.1

7: Hanging Around the Day Part.2

8: Soldier Girl

9: Light & Day/Reach for the Sun

10: A Long Day

11: Hold Me Now

12: Younger Yesterday

13: Popular by Design

14: Porpoise Song (Theme from ‘Head’)

15: Everything Starts at the Seam

16: When the Fool Becomes a King

17: Two Thousand Place

18: A Long Day Continues/We Sound Amazed

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