Rattle That Lock – David Gilmour

Veteran guitarist David Gilmour follows on from the surprising and somewhat polarizing Pink Floyd album release last year with the release of his fourth studio album ‘Rattle That Lock’. The new album sees Gilmour offering up a contemporary and easy listening album experience, one that doesn’t really challenge listeners in any way, but instead just accompanies them in their evening. Gilmour’s latest album contains many elements that one would expect from the performer, though it feels as though the whole overall effort is lacking in some way, failing to really live up to the strong standard Gilmour has presented previously.

On ‘Rattle That Lock’, we see Gilmour dialing the tone down somewhat, perhaps more-so than his previous solo endeavor ‘On An Island’. Most of the music feels very relaxed and gentle, with there being few rock elements on the record though compensated for by full and rather rich instrumentals, all backed up by the addition of some nice musicians including Jools Holland, Roger Eno, and even Canadian Saxophonist Colin Stetson on a track. At times there are some nice collaborations from various people on this record, bringing something out of the whole experience.

Sadly though, it seems not enough has been done on ‘Rattle That Lock’ to make a truly enjoyable album experience. So many elements on the album come crashing down, making it a struggle to really enjoy. Polly Sampson’s lyrics come across as awfully clichéd and contrived at times, more so than on previous Gilmour solo albums. Everything just feels very weak and hollow, with there being nothing to inspire the listener the way any previous Gilmour effort has done so. It all seems a little muddled at times, as though there’s no real leader spearheading the project in the right direction.

Gilmour has managed to showcase himself as an accomplished performer, but even his performances on ‘Rattle That Lock’ seem lackluster and contrived. Much of the effort doesn’t really feel like a Gilmour record, and whilst this might argue that there’s a conscious effort to create something different to his old material, the fact of the matter is that ‘Rattle That Lock’ just doesn’t really work well enough as an album. This is perhaps a good record to just play and stick on without much caring for what is being heard, which is all well and good from time to time, though we know Gilmour is better than that.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • 5 AM
  • Rattle That Lock
  • In Any Tongue

David Gilmour’s latest solo album ‘Rattle That Lock’ is out now.

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