25 – Adele

Singer-songwriter Adele follows up her previous album effort of ’21’ with the much anticipated release of ’25’. On her latest album, we see Adele changing things up a notch, incorporating some new musical ideas into her work, whilst still offering an album of the same emotional caliber as her previous works. It seems Adele has managed to reflect on her recent years once again, translating her many experiences into gentle and enjoyable songs. Adele’s ’25’ is a very easy record to enjoy, one that just seems to work on many different levels.

’25’ sees Adele continuing the same approach to song-writing and lyrics, though when it comes to the musical elements of the album, there’s some interesting ideas at work here. At times, we see Adele incorporating some current trends in popular to music to surprisingly great effect. Most of the tracks feel sincere and gentle, with Adele flourishing in her vocal performances. For fans of the performer, ’25’ will offer a wonderful selection of songs to fill in the void that has been there since the short hiatus following ’21’.

Whilst there’s much to enjoy on ’25’ it seems that the album’s second half lacks considerably in comparison to the first half. ’25’ gets off to a very strong start, featuring some of the best songs Adele has written yet, though sadly it all seems to diminish slightly as the album progresses, getting a little weaker and weaker with each and every song. There are some nice moments on the album’s second half, though a portion of the songs feel largely forgettable, not really standing out in the same way the rest of the album does.

Adele’s latest album does lack in some areas, though overall, ’25’ comes across as a very lovely and strong album effort. It’s arguable whether there is or not, but the album seems to have a great sense of sincerity about it, with Adele once again really tapping into what makes her own song-writing so special. At the core of everything though is Adele’s own wonderful vocal performances, which translate her own experiences into some truly wonderful songs. Whether or not ’25’ holds its own against Adele’s previous album efforts is anyone’s guess, though it is lovely to hear Adele returning to music once again.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Hello
  • When We Were Young
  • River Lea
  • Love in the Dark

Adele’s third studio album ’25’ is out now.

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