A Head Full Of Dreams – Coldplay

British background-noise band Coldplay follow on from last year’s effort of ‘Ghost Stories’ with another totally underwhelming and weak album experience titled ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’. The new album from Coldplay follows on from the current string of lifeless and dire albums where effort is replaced with whatever is easiest, and creativity is replaced with an adherence to the current popular norms in music today. There’s certainly a lot here that is fun, bubbly, upbeat and enjoyable to most, but at the very core of each and every song on ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’, there’s just nothing.

‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ features much of what Coldplay have been pushing out in their more recent years. With the last few albums, Coldplay seem to have abandoned their more alternative rock/post-britpop sound in favour of the more current and popular sound. In fairness to the band, they certainly have a strong understanding of what is working well in the current music scene, as well as how to tap into it all and adapt themselves to these current scenes in music.

The problem is that Coldplay seem to have stopped caring. This seemed suggested on their 2011 effort of ‘Mylo Xyloto’, evidenced on last year’s ‘Ghost Stories’ and now confirmed on ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’. Everything sounds so horribly plastic and shallow, with there being nothing that’s inspiring, creative or even interesting. Most of the tracks on the album follow very basic formulas, both musically and lyrically, and never is there anything that just stands out in its own right. Some fans of the band may find their efforts on this album to be enjoyable in their won right, which is perfectly fine, though this effort does feel incredibly empty and lifeless.

Whilst ‘Mylo Xyloto’ and ‘Ghost Stories’ each sported at least one song that was enjoyable and creative in its own right, it seems there’s nothing on ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ worth holding on to. This comes across as Coldplay’s weakest work thus far, and one that suggests that the band have truly just lost their way and no longer have any interest in pushing out creative and enjoyable music. New fans will find something to latch on to here, but for those who grew up with Coldplay in their early years will no doubt find themselves disappointed once again that the band have failed to live up to their own standard.

Album Rating:

  • ★☆☆☆☆  1/5

Selected Songs:

  • None

Coldplay’s latest album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ is out now.

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One thought on “A Head Full Of Dreams – Coldplay

  1. And I thought it was just me being very critical!! I have no issues with they trying to be all pop-ish! But why so shallow 😦 That’s not the reason why I loved CP 😥

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