Dodge And Burn – The Dead Weather

American super-group The Dead Weather, return after White’s hiatus to further pursue his own solo career, with the release of their third studio album ‘Dodge And Burn’. The new album follows on from the bands’ previous album ‘Sea Of Cowards’, released a little over 5 years ago. On their latest album, The Dead Weather further push out their roaring and raucous selection of blues/garage rock tunes, offering another wonderfully indulgent and delightful album effort that would have most nodding their heads. ‘Dodge & Burn’ arguably at times shows little progression from the band, though it does showcase them all doing exactly what they do best.

 On ‘Dodge & Burn’, The Dead Weather go for a fully-blown blues/garage rock album experience, utilizing the great chemistry each band member possesses in order to push out an enjoyable and simply fun album. There’s some wonderfully indulgent rock riffs in a few of the songs, with everything coming together in a wonderfully raw yet cohesive manner. Some of the tracks being presented on the album come across as strong as some of the bands’ best and most loved songs on their earlier records, showing that the band clearly still have what it is that makes them so great.

Whilst there’s some enjoyable and strong moments on the album, the whole overall effort is one that seems a little stiff at times, as though The Dead Weather are perhaps struggling a little to push out everything with the same caliber as their earlier material. At times it works well, and there’s some very enjoyable songs being offered by the band, though other moments feel a little lackluster, as though the band are trying a little too hard to show off absolutely everything they can do, instead of just focusing on what makes their music so great to begin with.

There’s a few faults with ‘Dodge & Burn’ from time to time, though there’s enough here to make an enjoyable album effort. The Dead Weather haven’t seem to have completely lost what it is that makes their music so fun and indulgent. The dirty and raw rock elements work their way into the music with effortless ease, with there being a few memorable songs that might hold themselves up to the bands’ best known songs. It’s certainly nice to see this particular project of Jack White’s being continued, and perhaps this signals the beginning of much more to come.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
  • Buzzkill(er)
  • Open Up
  • Cop and Go

The Dead Weather’s third studio album ‘Dodge & Burn’ is out now. 

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