Pitch, Paper & Foil – Christopher Bissonnette

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Composer Christopher Bissonnette offers his latest solo-album endeavor ‘Pitch, Paper & Foil’, the follow-up album to last years effort of ‘Essays in Idleness’. Bissonnette’s latest album further pushes forward a fascination with analog synths, creating new worlds through an experimental ambient style. Whilst Bissonnette’s previous work seemed to incorporate a scattering of varying ideas, creating an almost mosaic sound collage of sounds, ‘Pitch, Paper & Foil’ seems a little more structured in places, with Bissonnette pushing forward everything he knows into something incredibly cohesive and strong.

‘Pitch, Paper & Foil’ seems to be a step  up from Bissonnette’s previous solo album. It seems everything that worked on the artist’s last album has been pushed forward to a even greater extent, with the whole endeavor resulting in some of the most intricate and gorgeous work from Bissonnette thus far. Static and drone lay the groundwork for Bissonnette to build upon, incorporating his great range of ideas into something that truly works. There seems to be more at play here on ‘Pitch, Paper & Foil’, with most of the tracks contributing nicely and comfortably towards the overall effort.

Bissonnette’s more experimental style of ambient/electronic music certainly suggests a great amount of creativity and talent, though at times it does create something most might view as inaccessible. As on most of Bissonnette’s albums, there’s a few moments here and there where experimental ideas seem a little too out of reach, and the main context of which Bissonnette is trying to push forward seems a little hazy in terms of the overall picture. Those who perhaps enjoy the very unique head-space experimental music can put one into will certainly enjoy ‘Pitch, Paper & Foil’ for a large number of reasons, with many of the experimental ideas working nicely.

Christopher Bissonnette’s latest album certainly continues on from what we’ve already seen from the artist previously, though there seems to be more advancement on this latest release. The album itself might be a little inaccessible at times, but it’s a wonderful project of experimental visions. ‘Pitch, Paper & Foil’ easily comes across as one of the strongest albums Bissonnette has released thus far, and once again presents us with an album full of ambient notions without properly adhering to the genre’s philosophy, and thus showing what more can be drawn out from it.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Epoch
  • Diminution
  • Surcrease
  • The Rate Of Delay
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