Second Hand War – Thomas Charlie Pedersen

The debut solo album Second Hand War from Vinyl Floor’s lead singer Thomas Charlie Pedersen offers an album experience a little different to what we might be used too from Vinyl Floor’s outlet, but one that is also every bit as accessible and enjoyable. The solo album gives Pedersen the time and space to begin expressing himself, drawing from his own thoughts and experiences in the creation of his first solo record. The result comes across mostly as a quintessential singer-songwriter album, with Pedersen drawing from many influences, but ultimately pushing out a rather intimate and enjoyable album experience.

Whereas Vinyl Floor’s sound characteristally seems to fall into the indie-rock genre, Pedersen strays away from this sound on Second Hand War, instead opting for a more stripped down approach to his song-writing. Anchoring themes of demise, breakups and recovery around a more sparse sound palette, we’re shown a much more intimate side to Pedersen’s music, and perhaps gain an understanding as to why this album has been released as a solo endeavor, rather than with the rest of Vinyl Floor. Much of the music and its content feels important, as though this is something Pedersen feels he has to say at this particular time in his life.

When we look at the bare elements of Second Hand War, we see a rather lovely album marred by a few inconsistencies. Many of the tracks are built up around singular instruments, and whilst this is what Pedersen has been specifically aiming for, it does result in a number of tracks sounding very similar to each other. Whilst the sparse nature of the album allows it to be more intimate, it does feel that Second Hand War could have benefited from some additional input at various places, just to help bring more out of what Pedersen is trying to convey.

Second Hand War is certainly an album of merit for Pedersen, and one that helps showcase many of his talents in a condensed form. Whilst certain elements and creative ideas do lack in certain places, it does seem that when it is working, it’s working well. It might not be as fun and upbeat as what Vinyl Floor fans might be used too, but it seems to be an important album for Pedersen. Whether this is simply a one-time thing for the artist, or whether we’ll see some more forays into solo-albums, only Pedersen knows. For now, there’s certainly evidence of good talent here, which has culminated into a charming album experience.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • High Dust Devils
  • Appreciation Hymn
  • Golden Age
  • Kill With Kindness

Thomas Charlie Pedersen’s debut solo album ‘Second Hand War’ is out now.

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