CST008: Fly Pan Am – Fly Pan Am

Knowing where to begin with Fly Pan Am is certainly difficult. Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that Fly Pan Am are amongst one of my favourite bands featured on Constellation Records, as well as all the many projects and side projects each member has been involved in. (Most of which one will find on either Alien8 Recordings, or Squint Fucker Press).

But even so, where does one begin? Later Fly Pan Am records see the band really experimenting. fusing the post-rock genre with a crazy krautrock sensibility. This is music of transit, something that is constantly moving, as everything whizzes by before you’ve even had a chance to realize just what it even was in the first place. We can see here early roots of future Fly Pan Am methods, from a motor-like rhythm to the self-sabotaging collage of recordings that add another dimension to the music. I mentioned before the head-space certain music puts one’s head into, and truly there is nothing quite like what Fly Pan Am throws you into. (Though this is perhaps only the start of the weirdness they bring to music. Every solo venture and side-project adds another dimension to the weirdness, most of which makes Fly Pan Am a simple walk in the park).

This first record for the band feels like a methodical exercise in movement, and is perhaps one of the band’s more challenging records, despite being one of their more straightforward in terms of structure and tone. (later albums will see literal sabotage in the tracks). The effect of this album can perhaps be exhausting and tiresome, but the sheer audacity of the music truly speaks for itself.


CST008: Fly Pan Am – Fly Pan Am

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