Want to have your latest album featured on The CD Critic? Feel free to send me a message. I always take the time to respond to every e-mail I receive, and I’m always happy to review material upon request. Feel free to give me a shout regarding your upcoming album, or even for a comment about The CD Critic. Before submitting, please read the guidelines for submitting requests for reviews.


  1. Submissions must be in the form of an album or an EP. Submissions for reviews of singles will not be considered.
  2. Submissions must either be physical CDs or MP3 downloads. Album streams will also not be considered.
  3. Submissions for anything other than a review will also not be considered.
  4. Submissions require a square image of the album artwork before the review can be posted. Any square image larger than 455×455 will be suitable.
  5. Please understand that due to the large number of submissions I currently get, as well as the fact that I write reviews in my free time, I may not be able to get to absolutely every request immediately.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send over a message to ask. I always try to respond to e-mails as quickly as I can possibly do.

If you’re considering requesting a review, please consider making a donation to help keep The CD Critic running. I currently get a large amount of requests for reviews, and donations will allow me to expand the CD Critic forward and deal with the growing amount of requests much more efficiently.

Thank you.


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