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Hypnodrone Ensemble – Aidan Baker/thisquietarmy

Experimental artist Aidan Baker combines his creative talents with thisquietarmy’s Eric Quach, for the release of their collaborative album experience ‘Hypnodrone Ensemble’. The new album comprises one 40-minute track, showcasing an unrelenting and unique album experience. For the collaborative project, Baker and Quach enlist the help of three drummers, Felipe Salazar, Jérémie Mortier and Dave Dunnett, whose performances in the track push forward the music to phenomenal levels. There’s not much else like this, which would appeal to those who enjoy post-rock music, psychedelic music or even stoner-rock.

 ‘Hypnodrone Ensemble’ comes across as a very challenging listening experience, offering its listeners an incredible and almost unforgiving instrumental rock experience. Much of the album is dominated by incredibly drawn out guitar lines, echoing elements of psychedelic rock aesthetics, whilst feeling packaged in an arguably post-rock format. At the forefront of the music though is the incredible drum performances from the three drummers, who offer a rare instance of drums being instruments in music. It’s an incredible experience where a wholly experimental concept comes together brilliantly, to present something exciting and bold.

Baker and Quach have achieved something incredibly interesting on ‘Hypnodrone Ensemble’, which is certainly a very memorable listen. Although enjoyable, it is still an incredibly challenging listen, which barely offers any relief. ‘Hypnodrone Ensemble’ seems to go straight for fifth gear from the moment go, and never once seems to stray away from the incredible energy it presents. In terms of an instrumental rock experience, it can come across as a little overbearing and a bit much to be dealing with, but those who enjoy a challenging experience will find ‘Hypnodrone Ensemble’ to be incredibly rewarding in its own right.

Baker and Quach’s creative partnership on ‘Hypnodrone Ensemble’ has resulted in a wonderful and unique sounding musical experience. Despite being a difficult listen, there’s an incredible amount of creativity and thought gone into this recording, as well as some of the best musical performances one could hear. The whole album experience is both incredible and impressive for a great number of reasons, and showcases some phenomenal ideas from both Baker and Quach. ‘Hypnodrone Ensemble’ is an incredible and breath-taking musical experience, but one not to be taken lightly.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Hypnodrone Ensemble

Aidan Baker/thisquietarmy’s new album ‘Hypnodrone Ensemble’ is out now.

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