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Ansiktet – Torquem

Torquem’s first album in their upcoming trilogy, titled ‘Ansiktet’, is perhaps one of the few albums that takes the post-rock genre and really pushes it for everything it is worth, incorporating a wide range of ideas and concepts and mixing it all into one highly intense and enjoyable listening experience. On their first album, Torquem manage to demonstrate a style that has the intensity of God Is An Astronaut, the musical range of Do Make Say Think and the creativity of Mogwai, all of which combines together to make a sound that is ultimately Torquem’s own sound. It is post-rock that is at times so subverted to such an extent that it doesn’t even feel like post-rock.

On ‘Ansiktet’, Torquem open the album up with phenomenal dynamics and a wonderful range of sounds that really demand the attention of the listener. Alongside the typical post-rock elements of drums, guitars and bass, Torquem shake it up a little, not just by simply adding more instruments (which of course they do), but actually playing these instruments in different ways. Torquem offer a side of post-rock which hasn’t really been utilized by a great many bands, but is actually incredibly enjoyable and intense. A few techniques on ‘Ansiktet’ are ideas we often see in post-rock, though Torquem deal with them in such fine style that is benefits the album in an enormous way. It’s an album that certainly paves the way for the accompanying sequels, as well as demonstrating in fine form what Torquem have to offer the post-rock genre.

There’s very little that’s actually wrong with ‘Ansiktet’, with each track on the album contributing a wonderful amount to really push the album forward as being one of the most enjoyable post-rock experiences out there at the moment. Perhaps the album’s length though is something to consider, as an album that is roughly half an hour in length feels a little short, considering what is on offer by Torquem as well. Considering though that ‘Ansiktet’ is one of three albums, it is likely that everything will make more sense once the accompanying sequels are released, whenever they arrive. It seems also that although there’s a lot of creative ideas being demonstrated on ‘Ansiktet’, there isn’t much in the ways of varying dynamics. Maybe styles that are more reserved and held-back aren’t really what Torquem are going for, but it seems like something they’d be good at.

‘Ansiktet’ is a wonderful example that there are those who not just understand the capabilities of a particular music genre, but also have enough creativity and talent to really draw some of their own ideas out, and produce an album with an incredible amount of depth and energy. Everything comes across in fine form on the album, including the somewhat gimmicky techniques often used by post-rock bands of incorporating speeches. Torquem utilize this particular technique in a brilliant style that doesn’t come across as gimmicky at all, but instead as effective and enjoyable. (One particular speech is lifted straight from Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love The Bomb). Everything is fun, exciting and incredibly energetic, making Torquem one of the better post-rock bands out there right now.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Floehm
  • Lilla Istiden
  • Hemligheter
  • Elveleiet

Torquem’s new album ‘Ansiktet’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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