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Dream In Tongues – Arms Of Tripoli

Post-Rock band Arms Of Tripoli offer their first full-length debut album effort titled ‘Dream In Tongues’. The oddly titled album effort brings Arms Of Tripoli onto the post-rock stage in fine fashion, showcasing their creativity and ideas across the length of 9 tracks. Much of ‘Dream In Tongues’ is made up of typical yet enjoyable post-rock aesthetics, though Arms Of Tripoli seem to offer a more subtle approach to the genre, giving their album an enjoyable feeling that seems to give Arms Of Tripoli their own voice within the genre. There seems to be a fair amount to enjoy here, especially to those who are fans of the post-rock genre, though at times it seems Arms Of Tripoli seem to fall short of their own mark,

‘Dream In Tongues’ offers up in many ways a fairly typical post-rock experience. Each track is dominated by guitar lines, backed up by drums, bass, more guitars and the odd sample here and there to keep it moving along and interesting. For the most part it all works well, and certainly comes across as stronger than a few other post-rock bands. Arms Of Tripoli demonstrate that they certainly have a lot of talent when it comes to their musical abilities, and they seem to push for everything they’ve got on many of the songs. There’s a few nice ideas here and there which makes ‘Dream In Tongues’ an enjoyable album for the most part.

It seems though that for all the efforts Arms Of Tripoli have done for their latest album, there’s simply not enough that is really happening to make the album a great debut effort. Whilst Arms Of Tripoli’s more subtle approach to the post-rock genre is enjoyable in a few tracks, it does end up coming across as a little dull when used in every single track. The whole album comes across as a little lackluster in the end, as it never seems to truly take off and become its own album in its own right. It seems Arms Of Tripoli simply haven’t done enough to make ‘Dream In Tongues’ the great album that it could be.

There are a few enjoyable tracks on ‘Dream In Tongues’, which certainly do showcase their talent and style, suggesting they are capable of great music, but the whole album effort as a whole seems a little bit to thin on the ground for it to be truly great. There’s simply not enough happening in the album, as though Arms Of Tripoli have been so reserved that they’ve lost what makes the music truly their own. At times, ‘Dream In Tongues’ contains little hints that Arms Of Tripoli are capable of creating truly great music, and perhaps we’ll see that at some point in the future, once Arms Of Tripoli iron out their music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Miniature Habits
  • Escalator Jazz
  • Canna
  • Ahs A Vahs A Vae

Arms Of Tripoli’s latest album ‘Dream In Tongues’ is out now and can be purchased at: 

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