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Mirage Rock – Band of Horses

Band of Horses’ fourth-studio album ‘Mirage Rock’ sees the alternative-rock band playing on their strengths that they have developed thus far. Building up from what was established on their previous three albums, we see Band of Horses coming out with what is another suitably good and impressive album. Everything is here that makes a good album, and considering the effort put in with their previous works, I don’t think anything more could be expected of this band.

A lot of the music on the album could be described as being the same as ‘Infinite Arms’ or ‘Cease To Begin’, and whilst this has some merit to it as a criticism, I feel that it could be misplaced when considered with this particular album. Sure enough, there are similarities, but on ‘Mirage Rock’ everything seems much more older and mature than the previous works. Each album seemed to build up from the previous to a more mature level, and it has occurred on ‘Mirage Rock’. It is interesting that one band can remain so consistent with every release, and continue to produce music of a high quality.

There is much to enjoy from this album. The music on the album is very enjoyable, with each instrumentation in each song accompanying the vocals perfectly, ranging from different dynamics that help to give the album shape and form. The vocals are a highlight on the album, as the use of group-singing helps to create wonderful harmonies, which gives the music much richer sounds and deeper layers. The album mixes it up with light songs that use acoustic instrumentation, and much more harder rock songs. It is highly dynamic, and it the order of each song is used very well, going from heavy songs to light songs and back again. What is also good is how on ‘Mirage Rock’, both the heavy songs, and the lighter ones are as good as each other (unlike their previous albums, where I would have argued that the lighter songs were the strong points on the albums). There is a lot of punch in the heavy songs, and they’re well placed within the album’s framework.

Overall, ‘Mirage Rock’ is a wonderful album that fits in nicely with Band of Horses’ repertoire. It could arguably be one of their strongest albums so far, and it features many great songs. As I often say at this point, it isn’t a perfect album, as within the genre the band works with, there could arguably be better, but I have to give them credit for producing something that damn well nearly is a perfect alternative-rock album. Band of Horses really don’t need to do anything different in future, all they need to do is continue to use their strengths, and keep producing well written, and well performed music. I can’t see how it can go wrong for them.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Knock Knock
  • Slow Cruel Hands of Time
  • Dumpster World
  • Heartbreak On The 101
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