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Franco and the Dreadnought – Franco and the Dreadnought

Musician John Blaylock, working under the moniker of Franco and the Dreadnought presents his debut eponymous album. Stringing together acoustic melodies and quick punchy vocal lines, Blaylock presents an interesting style, showing some promise as an upcoming musician. Blaylock’s debut album pushes forward everything the singer has, showcasing every little piece of talent he has. There’s a fair amount to enjoy on ‘Franco and the Dreadnought’, which might appeal to those who are fans of people such as Ed Sheeran, especially the more quicker and energetic songs.

There’s some interesting elements to Blaylock’s style, which is quite unrelenting at times, simply going for it with absolute energy and at times, power. We can easily see the appeal of Franco and the Dreadnought, which combines simple song-writing elements with incredibly complex elements as well. The main appeal of Blaylock’s music seems to be in his strong ability to present his own music and his own lyrics, which at times feel quite thoughtful and interesting. There’s an honesty to the themes being presented in Blaylock’s lyrics, giving some strengths to the music featured on the album.

Whilst there’s a good number of strong elements on ‘Franco and the Dreadnought’, there is regrettably a very average element to most of the album. There’s some very enjoyable elements to a fair few tracks on the album, but the whole album experience simply feels like a different version of current trends, without there being much of an effort to make anything new or interesting out of it all. Blaylock seems to rely on his own unique perspective and ideas to make his music stand out, but sadly it doesn’t seem to have worked at all, with the music simply being average to an extent.

Blaylock might have some appealing elements in his music, and whilst the new upcoming singer has managed to present some good ideas and some good songs, it feels as though his whole album experience is very lacking, and simply hasn’t done enough to truly stand out within the genre it occupies. Blaylock simply hasn’t done enough to make his own music truly interesting and/or different, and thus it feels lost in the sea of similar sounding music. When the album works, there is some suggestion of promise from this singer, but at the moment it doesn’t seem likely that it’s going to be going anywhere.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Moving Mountains
  • Platt Fields
  • American Dream
  • Musketeers

Franco and the Dreadnought’s debut album ‘Franco and the Dreadnought’ is out now.

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