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The Magic Whip – Blur

Brit-pop band Blur set the scene for their new studio album release of ‘The Magic Whip’, released 12 years after the 2003 album effort of ‘Think Tank’. The new album sees the band almost picking up things where they left it off, showcasing once again a quintessential British pop-rock album experience. There’s a few delightful and enjoyable elements to ‘The Magic Whip’, which seems to suggest that the band haven’t lost the spark that helped establish them into the music scene. Many tracks on the album feel like callbacks to the bands’ earlier works, whilst also incorporating new and modern ideas from the bands’ various experiences.

Blur’s ‘The Magic Whip’ sees the band indulging once again in brit-pop sensibilities. The heavily accented vocal performances of Damon Albarn take the foreground, backed up by the rest of the band, who all seem to meld together with effortless ease after such a long hiatus. It’s certainly enjoyable and fun to hear the band settling back into the swing of things, pushing out music that is both incredibly familiar to fans, whilst also drawing on a few interesting ideas. All in all, it’s very much a brit-pop album, though it’s not constantly dominated by the one particular genre.

‘The Magic Whip’ is certainly an enjoyable album on some levels, though certain songs and sections of the album seem to just be typical Blur material, without there being much of a hook to really grab the listener in. There’s certainly enjoyable songs on the album, but the album itself doesn’t seem to present itself as one of the stronger Blur albums, and instead seems to just fall back on itself, not doing much to really inspire and astound the listener’s themselves. Whilst some tracks on the album offer up something interesting and on some levels, exciting, it seems that the album itself is simply lacking a few qualities that would really make it all excel.

Blur have certainly managed to push out some enjoyable tracks on their latest album, though the whole album effort of ‘The Magic Whip’ seems to just falter one too many times to position itself amongst the strongest of Blur albums. Few tracks ever seem to really jump out at the listener, cementing their position with memorable moments and motifs, and instead just come across as filler material for the most part. There are some strong tracks being featured on the album, and the whole album itself is far from a failure for the band. It seems though that not enough has been done to really make it all that noteworthy.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Lonesome Street
  • Go Out
  • My Terracotta Heart
  • Ong Ong

Blur’s latest studio album ‘The Magic Whip’ is out now.

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