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The Gloaming – The Gloaming

The début album by Irish folk-band The Gloaming features a large number of traditional Irish music ideals, all presented in a very versatile and modern way. The Gloaming’s self-titled album is a wonderful effort that brilliantly merges together the traditional and the more contemporary areas of music these days. ‘The Gloaming’ is a wonderful album that presents the traditional elements of Irish folk music in a more modern sense, without drastically changing any element to the point of being unrecognisable. The Gloaming’s début album is a wonderful effort that introduces The Gloaming into the music industry in very strong fashion.

Much of ‘The Gloaming’ is made up of very traditional elements, with the music often featuring prominent use of the fiddle, accompanied either by acoustic guitars, pianos or both. To an extent, it’s all rather basic, but The Gloaming present it in an incredibly strong and enjoyable way. Everything just exudes talent and craftsmanship, with nearly every effort the band has pushed into their music coming out in fine form. The whole album has a rather melancholy feel to it for the most part, but it is still incredibly enjoyable and fun. The beautiful instrumentals of each song seem to carry the whole album, accompanied also by the very distinct vocal style of the band. Everything just seems to combine together in wonderful style, all resulting in incredibly gorgeous and indulgent Irish music.

Whilst there are a large number of strengths to ‘The Gloaming’ as an album, which does suggest wonderful creativity and talent, it does still seem to come across as an album that doesn’t really do much else. Sure enough, The Gloaming are presenting traditional Irish music in a modern context, though it doesn’t really seem to be much else than that. When we look at the sound being produced by The Gloaming, it doesn’t really seem to be anything new when compared to those who have preceded them. As enjoyable as ‘The Gloaming’ is, it does seem to suggest that there might only be one side to this band, and that The Gloaming might end up being a one-trick pony.

For now though, we can enjoy the fact that ‘The Gloaming’ is a wonderful album that has managed to get a lot right. Each song offers up wonderful vignettes of Ireland and everything it has to offer. Musically the album is superb, which doesn’t at any point ever seem to over-do any motif or idea. Each moment of each song seems to have been carefully crafted and composed for the best of the music itself. It’s a wonderful effort that is a rather refreshing album to hear. Although it might not appeal to a large number of people, due to the style of the music and the sound The Gloaming present in their style, it still remains a wonderful creative and strong album that is certainly a good strong way to start the year off.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Song 44
  • Freedom
  • Opening Set
  • Samhradh Samhradh

The Gloaming’s début album ‘The Gloaming’ is out now.

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The Secret Life of Blue – Róisín O

The latest album by Irish musician and songwriter Róisín O offers an incredibly enjoyable pop/rock/folk experience, where beautiful vocals are accompanied by perfectly complimenting instrumentals. On ‘The Secret Life of Blue’, we see some incredibly strong elements working together to present a very enjoyable album experience. Conventional pop techniques combine with some rather unconventional techniques to create a very vibrant album full of enjoyable tracks. ‘The Secret Life of Blue’ is a highly enjoyable album that is only marred by one or two negative attributes that thankfully don’t drag the overall album down in any significant way.

On ‘The Secret Life of Blue’, much of the album’s enjoyment comes from the gorgeous and charming vocals of Róisín O herself. Róisín O offers an incredibly charming song-writing technique that evokes the likes of Joni Mitchell or Kate Bush. Róisín O simply lets her music do the talking for herself, where her own vocals simply soar amongst the incredibly strong instrumentals that have been produced for the album. It is a very strong debut effort and it certainly presents the many strengths Róisín O has as a song-writer and as a vocalist. What is lovely to see here is how Róisín O hasn’t gone down the cliched route of attempting to do everything by the textbook, and produced songs where her vocals go all over the place. Instead, Róisín O offers a much more fun, and at times very gentle experience, where she simply sings on every song.

The only limitations on ‘The Secret Life of Blue’ is in the album’s progression. The album starts off with an interesting track, but it is perhaps one of the more weaker tracks present on the album. Considering the first track should serve as an introduction to Róisín O, it seems that a more stronger track, though not necessarily the strongest, should take place at the beginning, over the one present at the moment. It means the album starts off to a somewhat clunky start, and it’s only when the track offers it’s best does everything start to make sense. The whole album manages to display enough strengths to compensate for the somewhat clunky start, though it does leave a rather sour note on the overall album.

Róisín O though has managed to produce a brilliant debut effort, where her own vocals are accompanied by incredible instrumentals. What is lovely to hear on the album is how nothing has been over-produced, where everything gets drowned out in over-production. Instead, Róisín O and her collaborators on the album have opted to only go for instrumentals, techniques and ideas that assist the songs, and elevate them to the best of their abilities. There’s some truly wonderful tracks on the album, where everything just seems to work. It’s a fine debut effort with very few negative attributes. It’s a wonderful start to this incredibly promising Irish musician, who clearly has an enormous amount to offer.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Sycnhronicity
  • How Long
  • Tea Song
  • The Secret Life of Blue

Róisín O’s debut album ‘The Secret Life of Blue’ is out now and can be purchased at:


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