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Into The Failing Light – Lost Harbours

Musicians Richard Thompson and Emma Reed, both working under the title of Lost Harbours, offer their brand new album ‘Into The Failing Light’. The new album features a beautiful array of musical styles and techniques, offering us a post-rock musical experience with elements of folk music and ambient music thrown into the mix. The result is an album that offers a brilliant amount when it comes to the music it features, showcasing Lost Harbours own style of music in a very positive light. There is a tremendous amount to be enjoyed on this album, which will certainly appeal to many fans of post-rock music, and perhaps certainly more to those looking for a little bit more than a traditional selection of music from this genre.

What seems to make ‘Into The Failing Light’ such a strong album is the work and the presentation of everything that has gone into the album itself. Each track contributes to a very melancholic story, which utilizes droning techniques from varying instruments. The album features a nice contrast of different idea as well, which fleshes out the whole album, giving it a lot of flair and a lot of character. At times, we as listeners are presented with gentle acoustic riffs, accompanied by some droning aspect that keeps the music moving along, whilst at other times we’re presented with incredible feedback that charges through everything in its path. For the most part it does all seem to work incredibly well, with each song contributing nicely towards the overall album effort, giving it a very strong presence as it runs from song to song.

There’s some wonderful strengths to ‘Into The Failing Light’, which is in some ways a more interesting post-rock musical experience than the average album produced by the average band. Lost Harbours seem to be really pushing themselves to present something really creative, and something that is really enjoyable. The album itself though does seem to feature one or two weaknesses, mostly within the first track which seems to act as a rather confusing starter to the album itself. The album’s opener seems to move along at such a glacial speed that it doesn’t do enough to get us involved in the album from the moment go, giving the whole album itself a very rocky start.

There’s a few elements on ‘Into The Failing Light’ that need a little bit more work, but it seems the overall album has managed to do enough to present itself as a strong album experience. There’s some wonderful creative and experimental ideas at play on the album that make it an incredibly interesting and involved album experience. At times, the album itself might feel like a little bit of a challenging listen, but eventually it all seems to give way to some truly enjoyable tracks that are very accessible and which also showcase Lost Harbours’ brilliant style of music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • …And They Fade Away
  • Whispers In The Night
  • Evening Vessel/Into The Gloom
  • Portal

Lost Harbours’ latest album ‘Into The Failing Light’ is out now and can be purchased at: 

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