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Peu De Mots – Marie-Claire Durand

Canadian Jazz musician Marie-Claire Durand offers up her latest album ‘Peu De Mots’. The new album sees Durand offering up a contemporary and relaxing jazz album experience, one where Durnad allows her own natural talents to flourish with effortless ease. Much of ‘Peu De Mots’ offers up a more gentle jazz experience, where pianos, drums and brass instruments calmly set the scene for Durand’s vocal style. Durand has a comfortable and lovely presence on her latest album, pushing everything along at a gentle and easing rate.

On ‘Peu De Mots’, Durand offers up a gentle jazz album experience, where everything floats along effortlessly, pushed along by Durand’s vocal style. At times, ‘Peu De Mots’ comes across as a typical jazz album experience, one where the roots are ingrained in the traditional side as opposed to the experimental side. Everything is comfortable and gentle, being a perfect accompaniment to an evening of just sitting back and relaxing. ‘Peu De Mots’ is for the most part a very confident album effort, showcasing some strong talent from Durand who commands her album with her own presence.

Though there’s some strong elements to ‘Peu De Mots’, it seems the album comes across as rather limited for the most part. There’s a lovely gentle and relaxing air to the album, but it all feels a little too safe, with Durand and her backing band coming across as doing everything by the numbers as opposed to being even a little adventurous. Many of the techniques and elements Durand pushes forward are certainly nice and enjoyable, but they’re mostly techniques and elements that we’ve heard before many times, and arguably under better circumstances.

‘Peu De Mots’ is certainly an enjoyable album, certain to please those who enjoy gentle and relaxing jazz music, though it seems not enough has been done to really push anything forward. Everything, from the instrumental elements of the album, to Durand’s vocal style, all feel very held back, never daring to propel themselves forward in any way or another. There’s certainly something nice being presented here, though it’s perhaps a little too safe and un-daring to result in anything exceptional.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Come Back
  • Quiet Fire
  • Va Et Vient

Marie-Claire Durand’s latest album ‘Peu De Mots’ is out now.

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