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Odyssea – Indignu

The latest album by Portuguese post-rock band Indignu offers an incredibly cinematic and charged post-rock experience. Utilizing the many talents of each band member, Indignu present ‘Odyssea’, comprised of five interlinking tracks, as well as a prologue and an epilogue. ‘Odyssea’ seems to channel the very strengths of post-rock music right at the core of each of the tracks, making the whole album an incredibly rewarding instrumental rock experience. Whilst the album is quintessentially post-rock music, there’s still an incredible amount being offered by Indignu, who seem to find their own sound in the genre, and present what is an incredibly strong album in their own way, utilizing both the genre’s strengths, and their own strength as a band.

On ‘Odyssea’, Indignu utilize the band’s strengths to present an incredibly vibrant and enjoyable album. Each track interlinks into one another to create a very fluid listening experience, where instrumentals go in a number of directions to create a very diverse experience. There’s wonderful dynamics present on the album, as instrumentals start off quiet, and then build up into big crescendos that crash around. It’s typical post-rock, but Indignu offer so much of their own style into the music that it comes across as really their own. Everything on ‘Odyssea’ seems to just work, with there being little to no weak moments on the album at all. Each instrument seems to compliment one another, with everything having its own chance to showcase itself. There’s wonderful movements too, which all seem to feature one instrument at the forefront, ranging from guitars, bass, pianos and even violin, which provides some of the most beautiful moments on the album.

Indignu have created a fine album, where there’s very few weak moments. One might find though, that by creating an album where each track seems to interlink with each other, restricts the listener from picking out their favourite moments, as they’re all important to each other. On top of this, each track ranges from seven to nine minutes in length, and all feature varying movements, making it even harder to distinguish the favourite moments. I’d argue though, that this is simply part of Indignu’s appeal, as it makes their album come across as one big listening experience, where each song is relevant for each other. To some extent, this makes the album a little bit inaccessible, though on the other hand, this is simply an appealing element of post-rock music.

Overall, Indignu’s latest album ‘Odyssea’ is one of the finest post-rock albums to come out. The band seem to have managed to utilize a number of ideas that previous post-rock artists/bands have attempted before them, only different being that Indignu has managed to make it work. Each track offers an incredible amount, showcasing varying emotions and an incredible amount of talent as well. Indignu manage to showcase an incredible scope on ‘Odyssea’, which comes across as one of the finest post-rock records to have come out, and in many ways is simply flawless. It is arguably one of the best post-rock albums of 2013, once again showing that 2013 is one of the most exciting years for post-rock music.

Album Rating;

  • ★★★★★  5/5

Selected Songs:

  • Capítulo II – Caravela Na Ponta Dos Dedos
  • Capítulo III – Chovem Pedras De Fogo Do Céu
  • Capítulo IV – Santa Helena
  • Capítulo V – No Fim Ninguém Quer Trevas

Indignu’s latest album ‘Odyssea’ is out now and can be purchased at:


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