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Jet Plane And Oxbow – Shearwater

Following on from their first album release on Sub Pop Animal Joy, released in 2012 and followed by an album of covers, Texas-based rock outfit Shearwater present their latest album Jet Plane And Oxbow. The new album follows on in much of the same vein as Animal Joy, with it all coming across as another phenomenally strong and powerful album experience. It seems much of what was established on the band’s previous album has been further pushed to greater lengths on Jet Plane And Oxbow, with the album arguably sounding a little bit more creative and experimental than its predecessor.

On Jet Plane And Oxbow, Shearwater offer an incredible album experience, utilizing their incredible capabilities and natural abilities of song-writing and performance in the creation of another strong album. There’s an incredible power and energy to Shearwater’s music, which is almost impossible to ignore. Even when Shearwater opt for more stripped down and somber moments on the album, there is still a tremendous energy present. It feels like much of what the band established on Animal Joy has not simply been recreated, but instead pushed further, with new ideas and concepts being incorporated into the mix. There’s a lot to be enjoyed on Jet Plane And Oxbow, which showcases Shearwater arguably at their best.

Whilst there’s many strengths to Jet Plane And Oxbow, it feels like an albums whose effects are a little bit delayed. Although to some people, it might come incredibly quickly, it feels though that the main strengths of the album aren’t so immediately apparent, and instead it takes a number of listens to really feel the effect of what the band is trying to present. There’s also a number of experimental notions that at first might come across as a little confusing and jarring. When those effects do come through, we’re presented with what is an incredible album experience, which easily comes across as one of Shearwater’s best thus far.

It feels as though Shearwater are making some of their best albums in their current state, with Jet Plane And Oxbow easily climbing up as one of their stronger albums in their vast discography. At times, it may not feel as immediate and as urgent as some of the bands’ previous albums, but it is evidently every bit as creative, with it coming across as a wonderful album to simply indulge oneself in. Jet Plane And Oxbow presents strength after strength, showing new things that may have initially been overlooked with each and every listen, but ultimately coming out as an incredible album experience in the end.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • A Long Time Away
  • Filaments
  • Pale Kings
  • Glass Bones

Shearwater’s latest album ‘Jet Plane & Oxbow’ is out now.

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