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Similarities – Biffy Clyro

Following on from the 2013 release of ‘Opposites’, Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro present a compilation album titled ‘Similarities’, collecting together all the b’sides from their single releases in support of ‘Opposites’. Biffy Clyro’s compilation presents more of their pumped up and unrelenting rock style, whilst also showing us more elements and ideas that were established during the recording of ‘Opposites’. There’s some enjoyable tracks featured on ‘Similarities’, though the whole effort is quite a struggle to get through at times, thus coming across as an effort that would only appeal to the more hardcore fans of Biffy Clyro.

‘Similarities’ is for the most part an enjoyable album, showing us a little bit more to the world of ‘Opposites’. Most of the tracks being featured on the compilation often showcase, for the most part, the brilliant unreserved rock style of Biffy Clyro. At times, it’s loud, noisy and a little bit indulgent, though there’s a lot to enjoy from it all. As a compilation album, there’s an interesting and enjoyable flow to the album experience itself, as Biffy Clyro go from rock tune to rock tune and so forth. This is certainly an album experience that will please those who enjoyed the brilliant album of ‘Opposites’, as the whole compilation is essentially a continuation of its themes and ideas.

Whilst there’s a lot to enjoy from ‘Similarities’, the whole compilation is a little lackluster at times. It’s understandable, as these are the tracks that were essentially cut from ‘Opposites’, but it still remains a disappointing album experience. Whilst there’s some great rock element to some of the tracks, much of the album feels as though it’s trying to find its own feet, and thus meanders about the rock genre without knowing where it’s trying to go or what its trying to be. A large portion of the album simply feels dull and boring, showing Biffy Clyro at arguably their weakest. Those expecting the same grandness and strengths of ‘Opposites’ will be sorely disappointed with ‘Similarities’.

‘Similarities’ might only be a compilation of b’sides rather than a proper official album, though it still comes across as rather weak. Among the few strong and enjoyable tracks is a great number of very average tracks, giving much of the album a dull quality as it meanders along its very long track-list. There’s some enjoyable tracks, showing the brilliant rock style of the band in all its strengths as per usual, but there’s simply too many average songs to sift through to make the album worth it. It perhaps raises the question of why an album of this caliber is being released. Is this an effort to give more access to the bands’ music, or is it simply an effort to try and make even more money?

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Thundermonster
  • Milky
  • No I’m Not Down
  • Children’s Limbs

Biffy Clyro’s compilation album ‘Similarities’ is out now.

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