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Ought – Sun Coming Down

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Canadian alternative-rockers Ought seem eager to jump back into the world of physical releases with their sophomore album effort of ‘Sun Coming Down’. Following on from last years release of the bands’ debut album ‘More Than Any Other Day’, and the vinyl-only EP release of ‘Once More With Feeling…’, Ought have busied themselves with extensive touring, immersing themselves in the world and establishing themselves as an indie-rock band who one should really keep an eye on. There’s a wonderful chemistry and charisma to Ought’s music, all of which helps to push forward a persona of eagerness to really get out there and become something great.

‘Sun Coming Down’ continues the band’s path of indie-rock music, featuring wonderful instrumentation ranging from the manic and hurried paces of the bands’ debut effort, to the slowly unfurling instrumental spaces, adding character and personality to the band’s music. Everything stands well on the bands’ previous outputs, with the new album even sounding a little more experimental in certain sections, really showing off some of the bands’ true capabilities. Everything feels incredibly well envisioned, with Ought recognizing what they want to take forward and what they want to leave behind in the creation of their band persona.

Ought have taken many great steps in crafting their personality in their music. The incredible efforts of Ought in terms of the work they do and the music itself, have pushed forward this band as an incredibly hard working and exciting one, who are really trying to do something with themselves. Whilst ‘Sun Coming Down’ comes forward as another incredible effort, it should be noted that there’s an almost more manic and mad pace to most of the tracks, sounding almost looser and less intricate as the bands’ debut effort. Whilst this may disappoint some, it also comes across as Ought taken further steps to craft themselves, showing off everything they’re capable of with every release.

Since their debut, Ought have come across as an incredibly exciting band, one who are taking incredible steps in their reach. It seems with every bit of news about the band, Ought are just getting better and better, really presenting themselves as one of the strongest musical acts working in their genre. Ought just exude this incredible energy and charisma with their music, with ‘Sun Coming Down’ coming across as another incredibly strong album from this incredibly strong band. With more music like this coming from the band, one will definitely want to keep a closer eye on them, anticipating whatever is going to come next.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Passionate Turn
  • Sun’s Coming Down
  • Beautiful Blue Sky
  • Never Better

Ought’s second studio album ‘Sun Coming Down’ is out now on Constellation Records.

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