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¡Dos! – Green Day

The second part in the trilogy of albums by Green Day, ‘¡Dos!’ is the latest release, sticking to a more garage-rock form. The album pretty much follows on from the groundwork that ‘¡Uno!’ laid back in September, with this album being a rather formulaic album of 13 or so songs, featuring the manic clanging of guitars, bass and drums. To be honest, there’s very little here that is left to the imagination. Everything is just… basic and simple. Nothing new, and nothing impressive.

On this album, Green Day find their footing by producing a lot of songs that feature a clanging style of guitar, simple basslines and simple drums. There’s a more dirty style to the overall sound on this album, with it sounding less polished than their previous albums. The vocals have a slight echoing style to them, and the guitar lines clang their way through each song. It is somewhat different to ‘¡Uno!’, but it isn’t incredibly different, and for that reason I’m just annoyed by the album. I find it remarkable that a band that is clearly capable of writing good music just seems to churn out any old thing and expect the fans to like it. As it is, the fans will probably find a lot to enjoy in not just this album, but the whole trilogy. Frankly, it just doesn’t work for me, and I’m not convinced.

I could argue that ‘¡Dos!’ is better than ‘¡Uno!’, but it’s like saying is eating grit better than eating sand. Perhaps it’s a harsh analogy, but it serves the point that this album just doesn’t live up to much. There’s some good songs on here, and arguably, one of Green Day’s best songs in many long years, but as a complete album package, it just isn’t anything special. The problem with this album is that there’s just no variety, and no imagination on many of these songs. Everything just feels lazy, as though any band with a guitar and five minutes of spare time could write. It would certainly explain why Green Day have enough material to fill three albums up, and certainly three albums will please the fans, but I for one wish that Green Day would just not churn out every single song they come up with, but instead refine the ideas they have, and produce one really good album that they can be proud of.

It is important to mention though, that there is one song on here that I feel really stands out, not just on the album, but out of their whole career. The final track on the album, titled ‘Amy’, written about the late-singer Amy Winehouse, serves as one of Green Day’s most thought-provoking songs. The instrumentation features Billie Joe on guitar, simple singing along. It’s a rather simple mix, but it works really well, and helps to give the song some impact. It is an interesting song, as it’s very nice in places, but there’s a highly sad element that is tinged throughout the entire song. Considering how underwhelmed I was by the album, it was a very nice surprise to find at the end of the whole album, and I’m glad it made it’s way onto one of Green Day’s albums, even if it is not their best.

In conclusion, I’m not impressed by ‘¡Dos!’. I wasn’t impressed by ‘¡Uno!’, and whilst ‘¡Dos!’ is better than the first, it still isn’t anything special. It just feels like an album comprised of the first songs the band could think of. There doesn’t seem to be any variety or thought put into any of the songs. That being said, there are still some good moments on the album, and moreso than ‘¡Uno!’. In the end though, with both ‘¡Uno!’ and ‘¡Dos!’ being so underwhelming, it leaves me with very little anticipation for ‘¡Tres!’ when it is released in December. Perhaps it’ll be something to be enjoyed, but considering how the first two albums have gone, I somewhat doubt it.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Selected Songs:

  • See You Tonight
  • Lazy Bones
  • Amy


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¡Uno! – Green Day

‘¡Uno!’ is the first in a new series of albums by Green Day. The three albums (¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tres!) are all planned to be released in almost close proximity to each other, whilst all exploring slightly different musical directions. ‘¡Uno!’ follows the band exploring a simple rock-pop style, but I can’t help but think that I’ve heard this all before…

The album has a rather strong start. It draws the listener in, as though it’s almost hitting you on the head, but then it seems to just wander around the same basic structure. Every song seems to consist of reasonably fast-paced guitars and bass and drums, whilst Billie Joe Armstrong calls out the vocals. It’s not that the talent is bad, it’s just seems basic. It just seems highly formulaic, and considering Green Day have been capable of writing not only good songs, but good albums before that change around in structure and pace, it just leaves me highly disappointed.

There are some good songs on the album, but as an album, I find it gets boring incredibly quickly. By the time I reached the middle of the album, I found myself feeling that I’d heard these songs before, and was hoping for something to be played differently, something to be done differently on the album. The explanation (or justification) I could give for this is that it’s meant to be a concept album, and that exploration of different styles will happen on the following albums. But does this just mean that if there’s a different style on ‘¡Dos!’ that it will simply be another 12 songs sound alike, albeit, just a different style? I can’t make a judgement based on the next two albums before hearing them, but I can only hope they don’t follow the same formulaic patterns that the first album does.

That being said, there are some good songs on the album. I get the feeling that if I were listening to the album out of order, or certain tracks separately, that I’d enjoy them a lot more, than having to listen to them one after the other. There are a few songs that’d work better being listened to on their own, including the album’s starting track ‘Nuclear Family’, which feels like a great song to head-bang too, and ‘Carpe Diem’, which is quite an enjoyable track on the album.

In conclusion, I find ‘¡Uno!’ to be a disappointing start to this trilogy of albums. Music wise, everything just seems to be rather basic, with everything following the same simple pattern over and over again. There’s some good songs on the album, but as an album it just gets rather boring quite quickly. I’m not sure if I like the idea. On one hand, I like the idea of three albums following each other one after the other, each exploring different ideas. On the other hand though, I feel like perhaps it’s a bit of a money grabbing scheme, with a more professional idea being to simply make it a triple-album case with a one-off payment, rather than three albums with three payments. Overall, a disappointing start, and one that I hope is followed by stronger music, that isn’t so formulaic. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Nuclear Family
  • Carpe Diem
  • Oh Love
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