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We Partyin’ Traditional Style! – Kermit Ruffins

Kermit Ruffin’s latest album is a fun-filled roughly-hour long jazz-filled experience. Covering some fairly well known jazz compositions, and adding his own original slant to a few of them, Kermit Ruffins’ offers up a complete indulgence of jazz music, that pretty much covers the ground on everything great about jazz music itself. ‘We Partyin’ Traditional Style’ is exactly what it says on the tin, a brilliant fun sounding album that calls up the old style jazz music that seems to have gone missing over the years. Kermit Ruffins’ himself performs brilliantly on the album, crooning into the microphone and blasting his trumpet at varying intervals.

‘We Partyin’ Traditional Style!’ lives up to its name, by providing an incredibly fun and rousing experience of jazz music. What is lovely is how on the album, everything combines together, and it is easy to tell that everyone involved on the album is having fun. It is a very pleasant thing to hear on an album, and I feel it that it can’t help but make you smile sometimes. Considering the title of the album, and the presentation of the music as well, it feels like this is Kermit Ruffins’ intention. If it is, it has come across in brilliant style, and if it isn’t, then it is just a pleasant and lovely bonus to what is a fun album. All the blasts of brass instruments, and drum-solos and crooning vocals just make up the classic essence of traditional jazz-styled music. It is a wonderful throwback to the great jazz musicians of our time, and one that is to some extent, surprising to hear in this day and age.

It can’t be denied that ‘We Partin’ Traditional Style’ is a fun album, and even though it is incredibly enjoyable, I can’t help but feel that it is full of material that we’ve heard before. Obviously, the album is filled with covers, but what I mean is that the presentation of the music itself is to some extent, exactly what we’ve heard before from traditional and older jazz musicians. I find this to be somewhat disappointing, as certain tracks show Kermit Ruffins’ presenting the tracks in his own style, adding his own flairs here and there to give it a bit more vibrancy. It’d certainly be more enjoyable if Ruffins’ presented the whole album with his own artists flairs, giving it a shape that is Ruffins’, and not the shadows of those who have walked before him.

Whilst I might find the album lacking in a few places, it still cannot be denied that it is an incredibly happy and fun album that is just enjoyable in many respects. Musically, the album is brilliant, and Ruffins’ certainly has a brilliant understanding of what elements of jazz music work. Whilst I myself might enjoy more of Ruffins’ and less of everyone else from older times, I still find myself smiling and enjoying each track as it progresses along. ‘We Partyin’ Traditional Style’ lives up to the expectations that the title implies, with the music itself not only being a brilliant accompaniment to a party, but also sounding like its own between friends who enjoy playing music together.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Chinatown, My Chinatown
  • When It’s Sleepy Time Down South
  • Marie
  • When The Saints Go Marching In

Kermit Ruffins’ latest album ‘We Partyin’ Traditional Style’ is set for release on 10th June 2013.


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