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Culture of Volume – East India Youth

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Musician William Doyle offers up the follow-up album to his 2014 debut album release ‘Total Strife Forever’ with his sophomore album effort ‘Culture of Volume’. Doyle’s latest album effort sees the musician expanding upon many of the ideas and musical elements first explored on his debut release. A strong electronica element runs throughout the album, anchoring together many of Doyle’s ideas together with some experimental notions, showing the musician as being a little more daring than most in the genre he currently works within. There’s some interesting ideas being presented on ‘Culture of Volume’, which comes across as a much more rounded and stronger effort than its predecessor.

‘Culture of Volume’ for the most part continues much of what began on ‘Total Strife Forever’, offering electronic walls of noise that establish groundwork for Doyle to add in other varying elements. There’s a strong experimental notion running throughout much of the album effort, accompanied by Doyle’s interesting vocal performances, adding a strong edge to his branch of electronic music. Everything feels arguably stronger on his latest album effort, with Doyle working hard to smooth out some of the rough edges. Many of the tracks on the album feel much more strongly planned out and more strongly presented, resulting in a strong and enjoyable album effort.

Doyle seems have pushed himself much more on his latest album effort, though despite this there’s still an almost reserved tone at times to the album itself. There’s many strengths to ‘Culture of Volume’, though a few of the musical elements on the album feel a little weak at times, with there not being much exploration of musical techniques, with Doyle instead drawing out his elements for large lengths of time instead. This works well for a few of the tracks, with some of the more enjoyable moments being when Doyle really indulges himself for great passages of time. However, other tracks on the album seem to come across as a little forgettable, with there not really being enough happening to warrant their inclusion on the album itself.

Though there’s some weaknesses here and there, ‘Culture of Volume’ comes across as a very strong effort from Doyle, and an album that perhaps surpasses his debut effort. Certain elements of the album are arguably less adventurous, though it’s Doyle’s ability to refine his output that makes the album such an enjoyable effort. Those who were so enamored with the artists’ previous album effort will no doubt find ‘Culture of Volume’ to be a more than satisfactory follow-up, and one that shows the artist as an evolving one whose able to sometimes take a step back from his music, and work out how best to present his own ideas.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • The Juddering
  • End Result
  • Manner Of Words
  • Montage Resolution

East India Youth’s latest album ‘Culture of Volume’ is out now.

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Total Strife Forever – East India Youth

The debut album by William Doyle, working under the moniker of East India Youth offers an electric blend of electronic tracks that covers a fair amount of ground. ‘Total Strife Forever’ features a wonderful blend of electronic music, ranging from synth-pop to ambient. There’s a number of interesting elements to ‘Total Strife Forever’, which demonstrates some great maturity from a fairly young and upcoming artist. East India Youth certainly demonstrates a fair amount of talent on his debut record, showcasing everything he has to offer when it comes to his own brand of electronic music. It’s is arguable though that as an album package, ‘Total Strife Forever’ does miss a few of the marks.

Much of ‘Total Strife Forever’ seems to have been born from the rising surge of British electronic music. What’s interesting though is how East India Youth manages to separate himself from the bog of dull electronic music by offering his own slants and styles on things. There’s a fair amount of impressive and enjoyable ideas being presented on ‘Total Strife Forever’, which comes across as a rather promising album for East India Youth. There’s an enjoyable amount of creativity and diversity of sound being presented by Doyle, who offers us a little bit more than what some of us might be used to. There’s a number of rather memorable tracks as well, which certainly elevates East India Youth’s position.

What doesn’t work though is the presentation of the album itself. Each track on the album more or less works well in terms of how well the album flows into each other, but as the album goes on and on, it seems to demonstrate some dull qualities. A number of the tracks seem to just drag on, giving the album itself somewhat of an annoying quality. Whilst East India Youth demonstrates some good strong ideas on his debut album, he also demonstrates a number of flaws that severely impact the album itself. ‘Total Strife Forever’ certainly has a good number of good songs, but so much of the album is made up of elements that don’t add anything at all, making the album so much longer than it needs to be.

Although there’s some great songs on ‘Total Strife Forever’, there is sadly not enough to push the album forward of all the flaws it possesses. East India Youth certainly demonstrates a more interesting sound than most others within the same genre, but a number of errors has impacted the album quite a lot. Perhaps some will find enjoyment in the electronic elements pulsating over and over, but when the elements themselves don’t seem to contribute anything to the overall album effort, then it seems pointless. Perhaps East India Youth will learn from his mistakes on ‘Total Strife Forever’, as there are certainly some promising moments.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Total Strife Forever I
  • Dripping Down
  • Looking For Someone
  • Midnight Koto

East India Youth’s debut album ‘Total Strife Forever’ is out now.

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